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CLOUT Starter Kit – PU4LYF x Newbae


CLOUT is the new limited edition vaping experience brought to you by Newbae and PU4LYF. Enjoy vaping with style coupled with a choice of 4 different sensational flavours to choose from. Each set comes with :

1 x CLOUT Newbae Vape Pod
1 x Micro USB Power Cord
1 x Flavour Cartridge Box (4 cartridges) – 4 flavour choices (Smooth Strawberry/Mixed 4 Flavours/Tropical Ice/Cola Ice)

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1 box of Coca Cola Ice Cartridges, 1 box of Strawberry Cartridges, 1 box of Tropical Ice Cartridges, 1 box of Mix Flavours Cartridges