1. Rabbit Mac has been a vegetarian for the past 5 years.

2. Sheezay has about 80 tattoos all over his body.

3. PU4LYF Studio consists of 2 recording booths, 2 control rooms and a video editing suite.

4. Birdman Pokok Mango’s once ate Sheezay’s RM16 protein bar simply because he was hungry. He also eats anything and everything that’s available in the studio.

5. Rabbit Mac has mild OCD. He gets rid of anything which he finds that not useful. He usually burns it.

6. Contrary to popular belief, Sheezay and Stylomannavan are actually good buddies.

7. Sheezay’s unibrow is disturbing. According to his peers la.

8. Klangkai is from Klang. His first stage name was “Sandwich”

9. Sheezay first performance was at the age of 8.

10. Rabbit & Friendz III was the first Tamil album in a pendrive, in the world.

11. Rabbit Mac more than 300++ unreleased tracks/beats.

12. Havoc Brothers are not havoc, they are just emotional. 🙁

13. DJ Gan is not a DJ.

14. All Santesh’s songs are based on true stories or true events that inspired him in one way or another.

15. Rabbit & Friendz 1 was planned, and announced within 24 hours.

16. Till to date, no member of the public has found Rabbit Mac’s phone number in the Ma Carrotz music video. Wanna give it a try?